Renovalia Energy has become aglobal reference in the sector of renewable energy in recent years.

The leadership of Renovalia is shown in quantitative terms (more than 810 MW in operation) and qualitative terms (being evidenced by its national and international recognition, its strong investment in R&I+I and pioneering technology, and its extensive institutional relations and commercial alliances, amongst others).



As well as an exclusive business model, Renovalia maintains an integral implication in the development of society, from its focus on the triple bottom-line results (economic, social and environmental).

For Renovalia, as a company that operates in a global market with resources that are becoming more and more scarce, sustainability and assuming social and environmental responsibilities are fundamental strategic factors.

In this vein, Renovalia provides training, promotion, and reconciliation of work and family life for its employees; it participates in social and environmental forums; it holds conventions with universities as well as an open channel for research and innovative projects; and it promotes social interaction with local communities in the areas surrounding its projects.

Also, Renovalia makes detailed plans of its projects in order to minimize their environmental impact and carries out active monitoring in order to leave the land in its original condition, once the useful life of the installation has finished (dismantling, recovery, reforestation).

As a producer of clean energy, Renovalia helped, in 2012, to avoid the emission into the atmosphere of 690.000 tons of CO2.



Amongst the objectives of the company, the constant search for and application of new technologies to produce clean energy is paramount, with adequate levels of investment, competing freely in efficiency and costs with traditional, highly polluting fossil fuel energies.

In search of constant innovation and growing competitivity, Renovalia has concentrated its resources on productive investments such as hiring specialized personnel, research of new components, design and manufacture of new technologies, purchase of patents and designs, closing business partnerships, improvement of internal testing grounds, etc.



Renovalia looks for ways tooptimize its assets, to contribute to the sustainable development within its strategic internationalization.

The optimization of its assets is crucial for the business, as it is during the operational stage of the energy plants that the investment returns, through the sale of the energy produced by the installations, is seen.

Our own technical, highly geographically mobile teams, a detailed plan of operations and preventive maintenance and a sophisticated control center are in charge of managing those assets in order to get the most from them.