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Renovalia Energy, in its firm support of sustainable development, has centered its activity on sources of clean and renewable energy , which are becoming more and more competitive. The basic pillars on which the Company has established itself are environmentally friendly energy alternatives to traditional energy sources which are based on mass consumption of highly polluting fossil fuels.


Photovoltaic energy.

Photovoltaic power Puertollano 2The photovoltaic solar energy is a method of obtaining electric energy through photovoltaic panels . The panels are made of diode-type semiconductor devices, which, on receipt of solar radiation, are stimulated and produce electronic surges. Renovalia creates 118 MW in operations and 47 MW ready to build with this technology.

Wind power. Energy produced by the power of the wind.

Wind power AmpudiaThe wind power is energy obtained from the wind , i.e. the kinetic energy generated by the effect of air currents, which is transformed into other forms useful for our daily lives.

Currently, wind power is used mainly to produce electric energy through wind turbines .

Wind power is an abundant resource, renewable and clean which helps diminish greenhouse gas emissions.

Renovalia creates more than 686 MW operating and 120 MW ready to build. Using generators manufactured by Acciona, Gamesa, General Electric and Vestas.

Small hydraulic power. Energy produced by the river or sea currents

The small hydraulic energy is obtained from the kinetic energy and power of the river, waterfalls and sea currents . Its environmental impact is minimal .

Renovalia Energy has a ready to build 87 MW project in Mexico.


Asset Management Services


Iincludes accounting, financial, fiscal and administrative management services according to the specific requirements and regulations of all assets, relations with local authorities, grid operators, insurance, security of the plant necessary to ensure optimal plant performance and preparation of reports.

Operation and Maintenance


PV Operation and Maintenance includes (mostly technical) activities that enable the plants to produce optimally and in compliance with the rules and regulations including without limitation operation and monitoring services, preventive and corrective maintenance, improvement plans, management of spare parts of the plant and preparation of reports.