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Invest over EUR 300 million and create over 1,200 jobs in Spain


• This new technology, unique in the world, unlike traditional solar thermal, uses no water or gas and has an efficiency of 25%, double that of a conventional solar thermal parabolic trough.

• Renovalia has agreements with the Spanish industry to manufacture more than 90% of the components in our country.

• The company has already invested 50 million euros in the development of this technology and is building the first 1 MW at Casas de los Pinos (Cuenca).

Madrid, March 26, 2012. Renovalia Energy, a company specializing in the development, engineering, construction, operation and sale of electricity generated through renewable energy sources, has introduced the world's third-generation solar thermal technology. It is the result of over four years of R & D in close collaboration with the American company Sunpower, a provider of sophisticated NASA Stirling generator technology for spacecraft and other applications. Renovalia has already invested 50 million euros in the development and implementation of this technology 100% Spanish, unique in the world, being more environmentally friendly (no need to water or gas), efficient, less costly and more scalability than the Traditional thermal energy.

Solar thermal technology Renovalia third generation uses a Stirling engine to obtain electricity. These motors are combined with parabolas concentration to create a thermal system that does not use water or gas, and having an efficiency of 25%, thus doubling the thermal to the traditional. This system is easy to install and easy maintenance.

Renovalia is currently building the first commercial plant in the world with this technology, with a capacity of 1 MW, at Casa de Los Pinos (Cuenca). It also has seven projects earmarked in the register of the Ministry of Industry with a peak power of 71 MW aggregate, all in Spain and would involve an investment by Renovalia to exceed 300 million euros.

This innovative solar thermal Stirling could generate up to 1,235 Renovalia jobs between direct and indirect in Spain during the next 4 years. And it has agreements with Renovalia Spanish industry to manufacture more than 90% of the components in our country. This is a technology with a strong global currency for the international character of Renovalia (present in seven countries).

The main advantages of this technology Renovalia Stirling highlights:

- High efficiency.

- Do not drink water or gas. Typically, the concentration of thermoelectric systems are used in areas of maximum irradiation planet where, normally, water is a scarce commodity to be a 100% green solar technology that respects the environment.
- Current cost competitive with any solar technology, even without economies of scale.
- No maintenance required complex.

- Does not require large tracts of flat land, while others need large solar thermal systems to be installed flat, something that often leads to costly civil works and environmental degradation.
- Modular, can be made small macro facilities or plants.