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Quality Policy, Environment and Safety and Health at Work


Renovalia is committed to quality, the environment and occupational safety and health through the implementation in its organization of an Integral Management System aimed at continuous improvement in all its processes. Renovalia's Integral Management System has been certified to UNE-EN ISO 9001: 15, UNE-EN 14001: 15 and OHSAS 18001: 07 by Bureau Veritas, the world's leading certification company. In this sense, Renovalia has obtained the seal that certifies, internationally, compliance with these standards in its Management System. The Management and all the employees integrated in the Renovalia group assume the Management System as an objective and a responsibility.




Annually, specific and quantifiable objectives will be established and reviewed by the Renovalia Management, with the definition of responsible and deadlines, which will help us to measure and evaluate the improvement achieved in our Management System in relation to previous years.




Renovalia is marked as one of its fundamental principles the protection of the environment. To put into practice this fundamental principle Renovalia, undertakes to: Evaluate and know all the environmental impacts derived from our activity, the products and services we develop, in order to reduce and prevent, as far as possible, the most negative impacts. Make rational use of natural resources, raw materials and energy. Establish a process of continuous improvement, training and sensitization of staff. Take the necessary measures to prevent pollution.

Adopt all necessary measures to ensure compliance with all environmental regulations applicable to our activity, as well as any requirements that Renovalia subscribes to in the future related to environmental aspects. Manage and treat our waste in a respectful way with the environment, and minimize the generation of the same in our processes. Establish and periodically review environmental objectives and targets to ensure their suitability for the present policy, providing the human and material resources necessary for compliance.


Security and health


In order to achieve the above objective Renovalia undertakes to: Identify, evaluate and proactively control the hazards and risks inherent in our activities that may affect the safety or occupational health of our employees, suppliers and customers, during the provision of our services. We are committed to prevent damage and deterioration of health. Reduce or eliminate the hazards and risks inherent to our activities by seeking a continuous improvement of the Renovalia Management System and, therefore, the performance of our processes, products and services with occupational safety. Ensure that our current and future operations and processes comply with applicable occupational safety and health legislation. Motivate, train and educate our staff to carry out their work safely. Publicize and keep available to all members of Renovalia, and those of your interest, our policy and advances in security. Periodically review compliance with security objectives.


In short, Renovalia is already certified and is committed to maintaining a Management System applicable to all its members in the standards  ISO 14001, 9001 and OHSAS 18001.