Technological diversity

Opting for renewable energy is carried out with a 360º focus at Renovalia. For this reason the company diversifies techologically, looking to widen its field of opportunities and limit risks, in wind power, photovoltaic power, small hydraulic power.



Renovalia Energy AMS division, provides technical services, consulting, management and operation and maintenance (O & M) for both own and third party projects.


  • Asset Management Services includes accounting, financial, fiscal and administrative management services according to the specific requirements and regulations of all assets, relations with local authorities, grid operators, insurance, security of the plant necessary to ensure optimal plant performance and preparation of reports.
  • Operation and Maintenance includes (mostly technical) activities that enable the plants to produce optimally and in compliance with the rules and regulations including without limitation operation and monitoring services, preventive and corrective maintenance, improvement plans, management of spare parts of the plant and preparation of reports.